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Referrals Available! [Jan. 18th, 2006|05:19 pm]
Neopets Referrals


I still have tons left and can walk you through the process and explain the features and benefits. You need either a credit/debit card or paypal to sign up for the free trial of Premium Neopets. Thanks guys! Leave a message here or mail me on Neopets. My username is cami101108. Thanks!!!

From: iheartmarapets
2007-08-03 02:02 am (UTC)
Hi my name is Kat and I am here to promote Marapets.com the FUN, FREE and FAIR Virtual Pet site. Marapets offers a lot of the same stuff "other" pet sites do but also has a lot of unique features of their own. Such as your pets if not taken care of will Die (Turn into Zombies)and can go to Prison if you do not pay your electric bill for your Mara Home!

Other Marapets Features://

-You can own up to 12 pets
-There are over 40 pets to choose from
-Profiles with Blogs
-Clubs (With Polls, and Quizz creator)
-User Shops
-Flash Games
-Slot Machine
-Item Database (Which lists every Mara item)
-Trophy & Medals
-Hidden Avatars
-Image Uploads
-Mara Pages (To create your own site and hosted by Marapets)
-Stamp Album
-Glowing Egg Nest
-Free Portal (Can gain your pet stats, change species & color)
-Photo Album
-Trading Card Deck
-Battle Arena
-Mini Pets, Mini Fishes, Undying Minipets, and DNA Minipets
-Random Events, where you find items, earn MPs, and gain pet stats!!!
-Pet Trades (Trade a pet through this trade for a pet of your own)
-Pet Exchange Safely send one of your pets to another user for a transfer fee)

Your pets can: Read Books, Listen to CDs, Watch DVDs, Learn to play Musical Instrument, Battle, Do Missions, Have a job and go to school!

Character: You get to create your own personal character with different hair styles to choose from, contacts, hair dye, lipstick, clothes, costumes, shoes, glasses and more!

There are over 8 different quests for you to do to earn MPs, BPs, and RPs (AKA Money)!!!

So you see there are many features here on Mara that "Other" sites do not have! so create an account today and give it a try :D


If you use my referral link above please Maramail me to let me know where you found the link and I will help you by sending you FREE Items and assist you on your journey through Mara!!! :D
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